What is a canister vacuum?

What is a Canister Vacuum and Why Should You Have One

Cleaning your household is essential to keep pests, germs, and bacteria from dominating every part of your house. A dirty home will always lead to diseases and sickness for you and your family.

This is the reason why a majority of homeowners make sure that they have the right cleaning materials and equipment to sanitize and clean their homes with ease. One such way of effectively and easily clean the house from dust and germs is through the use of a vacuum.

A vacuum cleaner makes use of an air pump to create a “vacuum” that will suck dust and dirt from every surface that you place it on. Canister vacuums or cylinder vacuums have dominated the market nowadays due to their flexibility in cleaning the household.

Unlike upright vacuum cleaners, canister vacuums can easily get into tight spots under chairs and sofas. With the adjustable long hoses of canister vacuums, you can clean your draperies, curtains, and even the top of your cabinets with ease.

Upright vacuums are proven to effectively clean floors and carpets. However, newer and stronger models of canister vacuums are proven to be just as powerful in cleaning even the thickest carpets. In this article, we will discuss the basic things that you need to know about canister vacuums.

Can Canister Vacuums Clean Carpets and Rugs Effectively?

A common misconception among buyers is that upright vacuum cleaners are the best option for cleaning rugs and carpets. However, innovations in the newer models of canister vacuums have shown that they are able to match—and even surpass—upright vacuums.

Canister vacuums that have separate motors for the canister and the vacuum head are in fact stronger and more powerful in cleaning thick carpets. There are canister vacuum models that have a brush roll head setting which lets you choose whether you want to turn it on or off.

This is a great feature that you should look for since it provides versatility for cleaning both carpets and hardwood floors.

How Much Do Canister Vacuums Cost?

Since canister vacuums are more versatile in cleaning than upright vacuum cleaners, they also cost a little more. The price range for canister vacuums ranges from $60 to $900.

Price differences of canister vacuums depend on the suction power, versatility, and the accessories that come with the package.

There are high-end canister vacuum models that can cost as much as $1500. These canister vacuum types often have power nozzles and a suction control switch that lets you choose from various settings depending on the cleaning that you need.

Of course, you should take note that higher-priced canister vacuums will not always necessarily mean that they have higher quality. It is important to carefully examine each models specification and not merely rely on the price.

What are the Advantages of a Canister Vacuum?

  • Canister vacuums that have bigger engines are more powerful than upright vacuums in cleaning dust and dirt
  • They have a stronger suction power that can clean thick carpets and upholstery faster and easier
  • Easier to maneuver because of its long hose attachment for hard to reach areas like the top of furniture, draperies, and curtains
  • Can be easily maneuvered to vacuum spaces underneath your furniture
  • The hose head can easily clean your stairs
  • Easy to operate since you will no longer have to move the entire canister
  • Lesser noise than upright vacuum cleaners
  • Comes with various attachments and tools that can be attached to the wand for different cleaning purposes
  • Majority of canister vacuums have HEPA filters that prevent dust from getting back out through the exhaust

What are the Disadvantages of a Canister Vacuum?

  • Canister vacuums need some assembly time before use since you will have to put the hose and accessories in place first
  • Because the hose and canister body are separate devices, this can take up some storage space unless you disassemble them
  • Some individuals can get annoyed with having to drag a heavy canister while vacuuming
  • Canister vacuum that has smaller wheels need to be lifted

What Should You Look for In a Canister Vacuum?

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a canister vacuum, you should know by now that there are certain things that you should consider before purchasing one. As we have said earlier, a costlier model does not necessarily mean that it is the best one out there.

Here are a few things that you should look for and consider when purchasing a canister vacuum:

Suction power

You should look for a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction power. This means that it should be able to easily lift up and suck dust and dirt—even pet hairs—without effort.

Nozzle and Cord length

Since canister vacuums boast of mobility and versatility, this means that having one with a longer cord will let you reach farther and higher with ease. A vacuum cleaner that has a short nozzle and cord length will only result in you having to drag it around all the time.


A vacuum cleaner that has a great filtration system means that the dust that it picks up will not exit through the exhaust at any cost. Vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters are great especially for users that have allergies or asthma.


A common problem why people get tired of using their vacuum cleaners is because they tend to be too heavy to drag around the house. Finding one that is easy for you to carry around the house and up the stairs is a great choice.


While canister vacuums produce lesser noise than upright vacuums this does not mean that noise is totally eliminated. Find one that is not too noisy but can still do the job well.


In purchasing appliances and electronics, it is important to always look for a model that provides a warranty. This ensures that any problem or malfunctions with your device can be properly addressed by the manufacturer


Whether your vacuum cleaner has a dust bag or cup where all the dirt that you vacuum goes to, a bigger container means that you will not have to change it more often.


Vacuum cleaners tend to be bulky especially canister types since there is a separate body for the canister and the nozzle head. Look for a vacuum that provides ease of storage especially if you have limited space.


For better cleaning versatility, look for the attachments that are essential for your home. Even a few pieces that get the entire cleaning job that you need can already be a great purchase as compared to a set where you can never use all of its attachments.


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