What Can A Canister Vacuum Do?

Everyone knows about upright vacuums and what they can do, but canister vacuums aren’t as well know. So a lot of people aren’t quite sure what a canister vacuum can do. Canister vacuums are a great choice if you have a house that has both carpet and hardwood.

You don’t have to worry about switching out different attachments to clean different types of surfaces. There are also a ton of different benefits and features that you will gain when you get a canister vacuum.

You will notice that canister vacuums run about the same price as an upright. So, just determine your budget and you will be able to find a canister vacuum that fits in your budget. You will be able to get a canister vacuum along with a variety of attachments.

Most canister vacuums come with basic attachments. You will also be able to purchase extra attachments to fit any need you may have.


There are so many different benefits and features that help make a canister vacuum great. Learning about the different features will help you figure out what a vacuum canister can do.

Filtration System:

When it comes to filters, canister vacuums have some of the best filtrations systems. Depending on what type of canister vacuum you have you will have between 1 to 3 different filters.

The  filters are the vacuum bag, chamber filter, and the exhaust filter.

The exhaust filter is the one that you should look at while looking at different canister vacuums. You want a HEPA filter.

The reason for this is because a HEPA filter will filter the air from any allergens, dust and harmful irritants before it is released back into the air. This is an excellent benefit because not only will you get a clean house, but you will have clean air.

This is something you should consider if you or someone in you household has any type of allergies or breathing problems.


When it comes to suction you want something that has strong suction so you don’t have to keep going over the same spot to make sure you got all the dirt up. You also don’t want a large amount of suction if your trying to vacuum a throw rug, you could run the chance of getting the rug caught in the vacuum.

Well, what if you could adjust amount of the suction your vacuum is using. This is something that canister vacuums can do.

You will see that there is a switch on the canister itself that allows you to adjust how strong the suction is. This way you can vacuum anything without having to worry about changing attachments or trying to figure out how to vacuum your throw rugs.

On most canister vacuums you will see that the switch is on the canister itself and all you have to do adjust the switch until you have the right amount of suction. On some of the more expensive models you’ll find the switch on the wand right by your hand, which gives you the convenience of adjusting the suction as you vacuum without having to stop.


When it comes to weight you don’t really have anything to worry about. The canister vacuum is small and compact. The canister itself has wheels on it so you don’t have to pick it up and move it while you’re vacuuming. It will roll behind you.

The only time you would have to pick up the canister is when you need to carry it up steps. Just make sure that you check the weight before you make a purchase, this way you can make sure that it’s not going to be to heavy for you.


When it comes to wheels you have two options to choose from. You can either choose a model that has the wheels on the sides off the canister or you can choose a model that has the wheels under the canister.

If you’re looking for convenience then you should think about finding a model that has the wheels under the canister. This will give you more freedom when it comes to moving around a room.

With the wheels under the canister you will be able to turn the canister vacuum easier and get it into some tighter spots.

When using a canister vacuum you don’t want something that is big, bulky and hard to maneuver. You want something that is relatively light, sleek and easy to move when you’re vacuuming.

Not only do you want something that is easy to use, but you also want something that is going to clean your floor no matter what type of surface it is and you want something that will help you keep your clean from harmful irritants and allergens.

The only thing that you really need to think about is maintenance. Taking care of your canister vacuuming isn’t hard. The most you have to do is make sure that you change the bag regularly.

If you let the bag get to full you run the risk of the bag exploding and that’s not something you want to have to try and clean up.

Another thing that you have to clean on a regular basis is the filter. If you make sure that your filter stays clean and in good shape then you won’t ever have to worry about the air being clean that comes out of the exhaust hose.


Now that you’ve read about all the things that a canister vacuum can do and you’ve got the basics on how to maintain your canister vacuum, you can use one of these with ease. There are so many features that you will get that you will be able to clean any surface of your home with ease.

The attachments are easy to put on the hose and are easy to store.

The only thing that you need to make sure of is that you maintain your vacuum by cleaning out your filters and changing your bag on a regular basis. If you do this then you will have a canister vacuum that will last you years.


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