Panasonic MC-CL945 Plus Pro Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, you probably need to have a vacuum. Of course, brooms are cheaper and can sweep up large pieces of dirt and debris. But a broom can’t pick up allergens and it typically stirs small dust particles back into the air.

Investing into a canister vacuum like the Panasonic MC-CL945 Plush Pro can reduce the amount of allergens in your house as well as pick up small and large dirt and debris. With this vacuum your floors and house will feel fresh and clean.

This Panasonic vacuum is one of the best canister vacuums on the line. With Jet Force Technology and its High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air filter it can keep your floors and air fresh and clean feeling.

It is durable and easy to move around to ensure you are reaching even the smallest areas.


Jet Force Technology

Panasonic’s Jet Force Technology separates the air and debris as they enter the tube to guarantee that the suction is always strong. This jet force is powered by a 12-amp motor that forces dust and debris into the dust cap.

This power makes sure that the dust is only going into the dust cap and is not being blown-back into the air. The Jet Force Technology in this Panasonic MC-CL945 Canister vacuum puts this vacuum at the top of the market.

Air Filtration

Panasonic’s plus pro canister vacuum also features HEPA filtration system that guarantees 99.97% of allergens even as small as 0.3 microns are filtered into the canister and not back into the air. With these high quality HEPA filters your air will be cleaner and have less harmful irritants, allergens, and pollutants in the home.

Most filters need to be replaced often, but this filer system allows you to remove it and wash it to help diminish the amount of allergens or pet hair found within the filter.

Dust Cup

After the dirt, debris, and allergens are sucked up into the vacuum they go straight to the dust cup. Because this is a bag less vacuum, you don’t have to worry about changing the vacuum bags or continuously purchasing new ones.

But, you have to be able to clean out the dust cup where the debris collects. The dust cup features a simple button that will drop open the bottom panel, allowing you to clean out the dust cup without making a mess or getting your hands dirty.

Cleaning Area

This Pro Plus canister vacuum has four height options that make it easy to clean on any type of surface; hardwood floors, carpets, and rugs that vary in lengths. It is easy to move around corners with its short wheel base and pivoting wheels.

It moves on a dime with your movements. It also can get under furniture and reach the hard to get places.

The vacuum isn’t just good for reaching low places, but it has a long hose and attachment that makes it easy to reach high corners where cobwebs form. This vacuum is one of the best canister vacuums because it has such a wide cleaning range.

Air Infusion

This Panasonic canister vacuum has a trademarked Air infusion feature that deep cleans even the thickest of carpets. The airflow is drawn into the head, this powerful stream of air is then channeled through the brush bar and helps loosen up hard dirt and debris.

The continuous movement of air makes it easy for the vacuum to get even caked in dirt from carpet.


Some vacuums just have an on/off switch and maybe a level dial for different height surfaces. But this Panasonic MC-CL945 Vacuum has multiple control suction options.

The options range from extra low, low, medium, high, and there is an additional sliding vent opening option. These control options can be chosen based off of the amount of debris that needs to be cleaned up, or based off of the type of surface you are cleaning so you don’t damage your flooring.


Like most vacuums, the Panasonic Plush Pro Bagless Canister Vacuum comes with three attachments; the crevice tool, the brush tool and the double roller pet brush tool. The crevice tool is best for getting down into hard to reach spots, like in between couch cushions or along the baseboard of a floor.

The brush tool that comes with this vacuum cleaner has soft bristles and is best for dusting areas like blinds without scratching the surfaces. The double roller pet brush tool works best on upholstery. It was engineered to grab and remove stubborn pet hair that can stick to couches, beds, and even car interiors.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to clean bagless canister with drop down panel
  • Multiple attachments: crevice tool, brush tool, double roller pet brush
  • Removeable and washable HEPA air filtration
  • Jet Force Technology with multiple suction controls
  • Pivoting rear wheels for easy to maneuver
  • Long hose for hard to reach spots under or high corners


  • The main head lacks a floor brush for easy vacuuming purposes
  • A little heavy compared to other canister vacuums

Final Verdict

Overall, the Panasonic MC-CL945 Bagless Canister Vacuum is one of the best canister vacuums on the market. It has a very long power cord for convenience and the pivoting wheels make it easy to maneuver under and around furniture.

The long hose is great for reaching far underneath objects or high into corners to reach cobwebs and high window blinds. The three attachments that come with this vacuum make any job easy, especially the double roller pet brush tool.

This tool guarantees that it will release all animal hair out of upholstery to ensure that your furniture feels fresh and clean. Not only does this make sure your furniture feels clean, but the HEPA air filtration and Jet Force Technology sucks up 99.97% of allergens and traps it into its canister to make your home feel fresh, and to give your house better air quality.

The Panasonic MC-CL945 Bagless Canister Vacuum has many advantageous features that make it well worth the investment, especially if you have multiple floor surfaces and animals in your house.


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