How Does A Canister Vacuum Work?

Finding a vacuum cleaner that works best for you doesn’t have to be hard or cost you fortune. So when it comes time to finding the right vacuum there are some things that you should consider. One of the biggest things that you should think about is whether you are going to be using it for carpet, hardwood floors or both.

If you’re thinking that you will need a vacuum that will work best with hardwood floors or a mix of both then you should consider a canister vacuum cleaner.

Canister vacuums are great if you’re going to be trying to vacuum both carpet and hard floors. There are of course other advantages to using a canister vacuum.

If this type of vacuum is something that you might be interested in then continue reading to find out how a canister vacuum works.

The Different Parts of A Canister Vacuum

When it comes to canister vacuums they all have the same setup. In this section we are going to break down each component and explain what is and where it’s located on the vacuum.

Intake Port:

This part is pretty self explanatory. This is were all the dirt goes in. It’s located at the end of the hose and can pretty much go wherever you need it to. This is also the part where you will be able to put on different attachments.

The Rotating Brush:

This part is on the inside of the intake port. When the vacuum is on it spins. This lets the vacuum pick up the harder pet hair and dirt.

You will also notice that the bristles of the brush are in a certain pattern so that the debris is picked up without you having to go over the same spot continually.

The Wand and Hose:

When you look at your canister vacuum you will see that at the end of hose, which comes in varying sizes depending on what canister vacuum you have. The wand is the hard stick that you will see attached on the end of your hose.

This is where you will be able to attach different attachments that will help you clean anything from curtains to your ceiling.

The Motor:

This is another piece that is pretty self explanatory. This is the part off the canister vacuum that makes the vacuum run. It also makes the fan spin.

The spinning fan is what gives you the sucking power. So the stronger your motor is the better your vacuum will work.

The Fan:

This is what gives you the sucking power. The fan spins in a certain direction making the air suck into your vacuum, picking up any debris along with it. The air is then released through the exhaust port after going through the filter.

The Filter:

This part of the canister vacuum is located near the exhaust port. The filter makes sure that the air is cleaned before it goes back into your house. Most filters will help in removing allergens, dust, and harmful irritants.

The Bag:

This is where all the dust, dirt and debris get trapped. You need to make sure that you change the bags regularly If you let them get to full you will take the risk of the bag exploding, which is a mess you don’t want to have to try and clean up.

You will be able to get replacement bags either online or at some stores. Make sure to check that you can easily get bags before you purchase a canister vacuum.

Exhaust Port:

This is where the air is released back into your home after it’s been passed through all the other parts. The air that is leaving your exhaust port will be cleaner then it was going in.

Just running your vacuum will help you get a cleaner air quality. So, if you or someone in your house suffers from allergies you might want to think about getting a good canister vacuum.

Benefits and Features

Now that you know about all the different parts of a canister vacuum you can now understand how a canister vacuum works. There are a lot of different benefits that you will be able to gain once you start using a canister vacuum.

Not only will you be able to get a nice clean floor, but you will also have cleaner air. These aren’t the only benefits of using a canister vacuum. Listed below you will see some of the benefits and some of the best features of using a canister vacuum.

Cleaner air:

Almost all canister vacuums today have high quality filters in them. This means that you will not only be getting a nice clean floor, but you will also be getting air that is free from irritants, dust and allergens.

Multi Surfaces:

Using a canister vacuum allows you the freedom of being able to clean hard and carpeted surfaces without having to change the attachment.

Different Attachments

Canister vacuums have a ton of different attachments. Some will come with your vacuum and others you will have to purchase separately.

You will be able to get attachments that you can use to get into tight spots and that will be able to reach behind heavy furniture. You will also have attachments that you can use on any kind of upholstery.

Easy to store and use

Canister vacuums are smaller then upright vacuums which makes them easier to store. As for the attachments, you can buy containers that will allow you to easily to store all of your different attachments and make it so that they are easily accessible.

Canister vacuums are also extremely easy to use. With the extra long hose and the canister part of the vacuum being small and on wheels you don’t have to worry about hauling around a heavy, bulky vacuum.


Now that you know how a canister vacuum works and you know about all the different parts and how they work you can clearly see that a canister vacuum will not only help you get a clean house, but it will also help you get cleaner air.


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