Best Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair: Top 10 Features

Do you own a dog or a cat perhaps? They inevitably shed in your couch, in your bed or any part of your house. Removing those furs can be really frustrating, annoying and tedious. Those adorable monsters are like fur-production machines.

Pet hair adds up to dust and debris which you ultimately are also worried about when you want to clean the house. Whether you are susceptible to allergy or not, there’s a need to keep yourself clean if you want to stay healthy and productive.

And what better way to get rid of those pet hairs, dust and debris lying on any surfaces in your home or maybe in your car than by providing yourself with the best canister vacuum for pet hair?

Canister vacuums are used in cleaning the floors, carpets, upholstery and draperies by sucking up dust and dirt using an air pump. Through the use of a dustbin or a cyclonic operation, those pet hairs, dust, debris and other dirt are collected to be easily disposed of later on.

Vacuum cleaners come in different sizes, features, and models. There are canister vacuums specifically designed for pets. But what are the features that you should consider?

1. Crevice Tool

Dirt and furs tend to settle in between couch corners, tight areas, along baseboards, and areas that a normal vacuum cleaner path is unable to reach or bypassed. To clean those areas, a long hose attachment narrowed towards the end should be used – the canister vacuum’s crevice tool.

Its length varies depending on the model. Other versions of the tool include the extended crevice tool or the dual-purpose – like the 2 in 1 crevice/dust brush – design, or both.

2. Pet Turbine Mini-Brush

It is exhausting vacuuming all those pet hairs in your couch, in your bed and anywhere in your home your pet has lingered on that just does not seem to disappear. Why not just vacuum the cause of it?

The pet turbine mini-brush is a pet hair air turbine attachment with stiff nylon bristles spinning at a high speed designed to clean pet hair, fibers, and dirt, or groom whatever furry pet you have as long as they’re comfortable.

3. Floor Brush

Those stubborn dirt and pet hairs that sticks and grits that scatter on the surface of the hardwood need to be worked on regularly thus making cleaning tedious.

The floor brush is a wide narrow extension that has a short, stiff bristles in the beater bar for removing fine dust and grit and sticking furs from hardwoods and tile. It comes with different variations, therefore, you need to use the one that best facilitates the cleaning on your surface.

4. Dusting Brush

The detachable purposeful dusting brush does the job on cleaning windowsills, art objects, lampshades, bookcases and window blinds by whisking with its soft fine bristles. You can also gently remove those dust, dirt and loose pet hair.

Nonetheless, it is also useful for doing a delicate work like cleaning around knick-knacks. The round one is perfect for cleaning the stereo and navigation, and the board which often gets dusty due to electrostatic charge.

5. HEPA Media Filter

Aside from tumbleweeds of pet hairs causing an eyesore, it also carries microscopic dust particles like pollen, molds, bacteria, pollutants, irritants and allergens which causes allergy or asthma.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air or High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) media filter is a type of air filtration system allowing the canister vacuum cleaner to pick up the dirt and capture those airborne irritants that cause health hazards. It can trap 99.97 percent of 0.3 microns in diameter dust particles.

6. Upholstery Tool

There are tons of ways to keep your pet off your furniture but no matter what you do, it’s inevitable that there will always be a possibility for a pet hair to wander and find its way to your furniture’s upholstery.

The upholstery tool is a small, flat headed, wide brush attachment that has a powerful suction or/and a lint-catching fabric strip great for coaxing dust and pet hairs on surfaces of a fabric-based furniture like sofas.

7. Extension/Telescopic Wand

You might find some areas impossible to reach and clean. Filth and pet hairs are usually found more under your furniture. You can’t just move the furniture because you find it too heavy.

The extension wand is a rigid tube employed as an attachment to the vacuum hose and a link to other attachments like a crevice tool, dusting brush and the likes. It provides an extra reach to clean areas that are inaccessible by a regular vacuum cleaner.

8. Dust Bag

A dust bag is usually made of a cloth-like material.  It is used to effectively trap contaminants carried by dust or pet hairs. The benefit of having a large bag is to store a large amount of debris which takes time to be full thus making the dust bag removal and replacement to happen infrequently.

Emptying rather than disposing of the bag is one drawback bagless vacuum cleaners have because the irritants can return into the air again.

9. Power Nozzle

It’s tiresome to spend hours cleaning the floor and the carpets, removing nasty filth, dust, and pet hairs, especially if it covers a very wide area. Cleaning can actually be done with haste and ease using the vacuum cleaner’s power nozzle.

With a wider base and a hose to fit it, it should provide a much larger and wider cleaning coverage and squeaky clean performance with its powerful suction capability. Other variations provide an adjustable height and variable suction control.

10. Motor

Canister vacuum cleaners utilize an airflow mechanism created by the suction motor or vacuum motor. Its operation is designated by an amp. Suction power and airflow depends on the pressure differential that a motor could provide. Greater suction power can pick up those pet hairs and dust easily.

Other versions feature a dual motor system. In addition, the best canister vacuum for pet hair should not only come with these features but should also come at a reasonable price.


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